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Should you get mulch delivered?

Driving to the major retailers of mulch and loading and unloading your vehicle of bags or debris can be a daunting task. Buying mulch in bulk in our eco friendly totes saves you the time and energy and is super cost effective and cheaper than other leading mulch retailers. Not only does our mulch cost less but the quality is superior in every way. We age our wood to perfection before grinding it to soak up the all natural dyes used to enhance the colors of our eco mulch. 

Mulch is a must have for any landscaping project. Keeping the soil moist for your plants and flowers by trapping in water and moisture. Our all natural dyes act as a type of fertilizer to the plants over time as the mulch breaks down. Our mulch last longer and stays its color much longer than other leading brands.

Certain mulches can keep away pest and weeds and we carry all kinds of mulches. Mulch can be used to enhance your top soil of high traffic areas and looks wonderful while doing it. Let us show you why our mulch is superior and we guarantee you will always want to have our mulch delivered. 

It’s one of the basics of any garden. Mulch blocks weeds, regulates soil temperature and moisture, fights erosion, and keeps gardens looking neat and trim. Yet some mulch can actually harm your plants and the environment. By minding your mulches, you can find mulch that is both garden- and eco-friendly.

A mulch to avoid

Shredded cypress is one of the most popular mulches on the market. However, this relatively low-priced mulch comes with high environmental costs. According to University of Florida data, timber companies grind some 129,000 tons of the state’s cypress into mulch each year, part of a cycle that takes nearly 3 million more cubic feet of cypress than it replaces.

Cypress thrives in freshwater wetlands, where it stores and filters water resources and provides a vital wildlife habitat. This graceful native tree grows slowly and, once cut, is difficult to replace. Today logging companies clear-cut younger stands, and though mill remnants make up some cypress mulch products, entire trees make up others.

Cypress also has some mulching drawbacks. Shredded cypress, like many other shredded woods, will fade in color and decay within a year or two. Cypress mulches can also form fungal mats that inhibit water drainage.

Eco-friendly mulches

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