Cypress Hardwood Blended Mulch: manufactured, delivered & custom installed

Carefully selected native Florida hard woods blended with Florida cypress harvested with the highest consideration for the delicate eco-systems in cypress natural wetlands habitat. YMDS has led the industry for nearly twenty years in its effort to reduce environmental damage to cypress wetlands through the production of blended products. The hardwood fibers in this product produce the same look as traditional cypress. Sustainable-Green performance natural looking ground cover.

We combine our finest ground cypress with clean hardwoods to create this very popular, appealing cypress blend. Our cypress mulch blend is shredded with our grinding process to produce wood fibers that lock together to stay in place during heavy rains.

We use no artificial colorants, chemicals or additives. The brown and orange color of our cypress mulch will make any landscape project more attractive. Available in 2CF bags (75 bags per pallet); 3CF bags (50 bags per pallet) or bulk delivery (110CU YDS per truckload)

* follows the most strict safety policies in place and meet and exceed all of the DOT requirements. All of installers wear safety vests, goggles and all of our vehicles are equipped with led DOT-certified lighting.